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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 30, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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historic storms, why this recent round of tornadoes is breaking records. plus a bizarre murder attempt in montgomery county. and how the plans to renovate a local school are upsetting some patients. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. live and in h.d., this is abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. the recent round of storms in the south is being called historic. wednesday is being called the second deadliest day on record for tornadoes in virginia. at least 340 people were killed across seven states. including some in virginia. today the commonwealth announced that 2011 is the second deadliest year for tornadoes in virginia since 1950. at least 12 twisters have touched down in the commonwealth recently. richard reeve is live in ashburn including a story of
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survival from a local man. richard? >> caroline, certainly a stark contrast here in ashburn with all the devastation in alabama, in the midst of all that destruction, a 19-year-old gentleman from virginia originally he's a student down there, and he has an amazing story. across alabama the devastation is still incomprehensible. the damage and loss of life, still being tallied. >> the loudest thing and the house was literally shaking. i thought i -- i wouldn't have been surprised if it came down. >> universitier of alabama sophomore david cole is back home in ashburn virginia. with pictures of his damaged off campus house and a story of survival in a linen closet. >> trying to slam the door shut and the house started shaking and rode it out for about a minute and pretty scary. pretty intense. >> cole is among the lucky ones. the death toll continues to rise across seven states. red cross shelters are jammed. this couple feared for the worst when they couldn't find their 1-year-old baby boy.
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>> took us a while to get him out. >> the house fell down? >> he was in bed still asleep. >> homes are now rubbles. cars and debris are blown everywhere. search for survivors and bodies continues. david cole took these photos outside his house. his honda crushed under a seven foot thick tree. but he is alive. even among so much carnage. and he and his family are grateful. >> just really praying for the families that didn't have good news like we did. that he survived. extremely grateful. >> and chris cole says he called his son again and again and again on the cell phone. finally got ahold of him. they were able to talk about this whole experience. you can imagine being a 19-year-old inside a dark linen closet while a tornado is roaring all around you. nevertheless he says he wants to go back and try to help in the recovery effort.
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live in ashburn richard reeve abc 7 news. thanks a lot richard. since wednesday's outbreak of storms it has been very calm around here. steve rudin is live in the weather center with what we can expect. steach? and caroline a welcome change from the weather center. our temperature is quite nice this evening. well into the upper 60's. some areas even around 70 degrees. take a look at what we have outside at this hour. 64 degrees at dulles international. 67 reagan national. charlottesville at 71. a comfortable evening ahead. a warm front on the way for the day on sunday. that will bring crachede clouds by -- increased clouds by afternoon. and the potential for a few showers. coming up in a few minutes a look at the forecast and the extended outlook. we'll take us through the upcoming week and we have thunderstorms back in the forecast. caroline? thanks a lot steve. police in gaithersburg are investigating a possible attempted murder-suicide. this happened around 11:00 in the morning on north summit avenue. police say a 42-year-old man shot his 54-year-old girlfriend
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in the arm. police say that she pretended to be dead and waited for her boyfriend to shoot himself when officers arrived they found him dead. she was taken to the hospital where she is expected to recover. the identities are not yet being released. more maintenance work on metro this weekend. and yes it will cause some delays. the work is being done on the red and yellow lines. on the red line, trains are single tracking from shady grove and twin brook stations. trains are also sharing a track between tacoma and forest glen station. yellow line, single track between huntington and braddock road station. if you're driving in the district near the 11th street bridge you'll notice a new traffic pattern. the ramp leading from the bridge to martin luther king jr. avenue southeast is now closed for construction. traffic on m.l.k. avenue is being detoured on to the good hope road ramp. the detour will be in effect for most of the year. drivers should expect delays. there's growing controversy tonight at one montgomery
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county school. the planned renovation of a middle school will force hundreds of students to be bused to another location which could mean a very long commute for some. today, parents meld a petition drive opposing the county's plan. mike conneen is live from olney with details. mike? caroline, the middle school opened in 1968. and it's scheduled for modernization upgrades starting in 2013. with completion scheduled for 2015. parents say they're happy that the school is getting renovated but they are concerned because they don't want their children bused north bethesda for two years of construction. they say some children could actually be sitting on a bus for three hours round trip. >> we're asking people to sign our petition. >> outside olney parents are collecting signatures hoping to stop montgomery county school officials are sending their students to tilden while farquhar middle school is renovated. >> the children would have to wake up early and less time for sleep. and that may affect their
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academics and ability to learn. >> at least two of jennifer mcnooly's four sons would be affected. >> i have to wake up that early i would not get the grades i need to get to go to high school or college. >> according to school officials, some but not all students would have longer than normal bus rides. >> it could be an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half commute just one way. >> parents are also worried about weather traffic and after school activities being jeopardized. >> we're most in favorable of them building the new building behind the existing structure. and that would allow our children to stay on site while they do the construction. >> school officials say they recognize this is not a perfect solution. quote, the challenges that we do not have many holding schools and doing a modernization with students still in the building presents a number of logistical, health and safety concerns. officials say keeping kids on site could also significantly lengthen the project. >> maybe just everybody needs to sit down and rethink what they're doing. >> according to google maps, there's about 11 miles between
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these two school locations. school district officials say they want to move forward with the modernization as quickly as possible. and that they will continue to work with parents to come up with a solution. a meeting is set for wednesday. that's when parents say they'll deliver those petitions. reporting live in olney mike conneen, abc 7 news. thanks a lot mike. tonight is one of the most glamorous nights of the year in washington. politicians, journalists and some of hollywood's biggest celebrities are gathering at the washington hilton in northwest this evening. seth myers from saturday night live is headlining the event. among those expected to attend, madmen's john hamm, donald trump and former secretary of state colin powell. also coming president obama. we'll have much more on tonight's event coming up at 11:00. and still to come on abc 7 news endeavour update. nasa reveals when they will finalize plans for the shuttle's liftoff. plus honoring pope john paul ii. the important ceremony taking place in rome tomorrow. and a change in plans. not everything is going as scheduled for the royal
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newlyweds. we'll explain. st
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you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. the community college where tucson shooting suspect jared louvener attended has been ordered to turn over hundreds of emails and other documents for a judge to review. "the arizona republic" sued pima community college to get those documents released. but the college says the release would violate privacy laws. it has until tuesday to comply with a judge's order. he will then decide whether to make some, all or none of the documents public. and we should know within hours whether the space shuttle endeavour can lift off on monday. nasa has scheduled a news conference for tomorrow morning. yesterday's launch was scrubbed because of a problem with the heating system. the six member crew is spending time with family members and that includes commander mark kelly who is with his wounded
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wife congresswoman gabrielle giffords. with gas prices rising at an alarming rate, and oil companies reporting big profits, president obama says he wants to eliminate the tax breaks that oil and gas companies get each year. the president made his argument in his weekly address. when oil companies are making huge profits already and you're struggling at the pump and we're scouring the federal budget for spending we can afford to do without. these tax giveaways aren't right. they aren't smart. and we need to end them. the republicans disagree. they say eliminating the tax breaks would be a big mistake and would hurt consumers in the long run. they came by the thousands. young and old men and women, all gathered at the washington monument this morning to begin a two-day walk for breast cancer. the annual avon walk will cover nearly 40 miles. participants will walk 26 miles today. and then an additional 13 miles tomorrow. this is the ninth year for the avon walk for breast cancer. it's been held in washington,
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d.c. still to come on abc 7 news honeymoon delayed why prince william and his new wife katherine, are putting off their vacation plans. plus steve rudin is back
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an all nite prayer vigil -- night prayer vigil in rome to honor rope -- honor pope john paul ii. the traditional five-year waiting period has been waived and allow the beatification process to begin just weeks after his death in 2005. now to the latest on the new royal couple, today prince william and his bride or the duke and duchess of cambridge as they're now called woke up bright and early to head to a secret location. it was announced that they are delaying their honeymoon.
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simon macgregor wood reports. the newlyweded couple were up bright and early at buckhingham palace saying goodbye to cowartiers and to this helicopter to spend the weekend at a secret location. the surprising news that their honeymoon overseas will take place at a later date. and prince william will return to work as a military helicopter pilot next week. the middleton family were also on the move today. kate's mom dad brother and sister moving out of the goring hotel. back to the family home in the village of bucklebri and also released the official wedding photos. the formal record of the big day. taken inside the palace but still with lots of smiles and everyone looking relaxed. police say a million people throng the streets to witness the wedding. to the crowd's obvious delight. not one but two kisses from the happy couple. the day had been a flawless royal spectacular. filled with some very special
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personal moments. as man and wife, they left the abbey in the open top carriage and no sign of the rain the forecasters had predicted and no longer kate middleton but the duchess of cambridge. and the future queen of england. outside westminster abbey thousands have lined up to see for themselves the setting of yesterday's royal drama. while the two stars of the show have gone off in search of some much needed privacy. simon macgregorwood abc news, london. for more on the royal wedding go to slash royal. we have complete coverage of the historic event and a photo gallery there as well. if we haven't seen enough, it's out there. >> did you wake up to watch it? >> no. i needed my sleep. and they needed their prichecy. -- their privacy. >> billions watching. it was cool. >> did you wake up? >> my dog woke me up and i turned on the tv.
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at 5:58. the best part. let's take a look at our weather. our skies are looking nice this evening. keep the umbremas at home. outdoor dining. definite go. going to get a bit chilly as we move into the evening hours. at temperatures will eventually fall into the 40's across much of the area. 67 this hour. reagan national, look at the dew point levels. in the lower 40's. that's why it feels so dry and comfortable. 68 degrees for our high temperature. just slightly below average for this time of year. the record lower 90's way back when. 67 this hour on a weather bug network at g.w. university. no rainfall for today. 64 in gaithersburg and the wind beginning to settle down. alexandria t.c. williams high school 66 degrees earlier today, they had wind gusts at just around 20 miles an hour. in the 60's across the area this far frederick maryland, at 66 degrees. compare that to fredricksburg at 67. and to the south and to the west of us, that divides the 60's into the 70's.
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75 in charleston. and we'll see that warm front arrive for the day tomorrow. going to bring increasing clouds. not a big difference in temperatures. just 24 hours ago was four degrees warmer. so not a whole big change out there. but we are looking at a few high clouds pushing in from the ohio valley. the high clouds to stick around for the overovernight hours. the rain, none to speak of nor tonight and tomorrow morning look for lots of sunshine. clouds had increase midday. we'll call for a chance for an isolated shower or two. mainly across the potomac highlands. shenandoah valley. the district i don't think we'll see anything at all. the system quickly moves on out of here. and nen a stronger cold front will start to take shape to the west of us. this is late monday into tuesday. and this will bring us a better chance for showers and norms. could even see another round of severe weather on tuesday. our forecast breaking down for the overnight. scattered hee clouds cool and comfortable. upper 40's to lower 50's. winds out of the west-southwest three to five miles per hour. then for tomorrow increasing
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clouds throughout the afternoon hours. spotty afternoon showers are possible. upper 60's to lower 70's. winds will be out of the south at five to 10. here's the extended outlook. light showers on monday. not going to be a washout but come tuesday the better chance for showers and storms and the cold front approaches from the west. look at the cooldown on wednesday. only in the lower 60's. and for the upcoming weekend a few showers here and there but temperatures around 70 degrees. >> all right. rocky wing but we'll get there. and rocky start. >> we didn't expect that. completely shut down. and a lot to fix for game two. so of course the caps are licking their wounds after game one's upset. the redskins continue to wheel and deal today for more draft picks. and we've already met one of them. we'll introduce you to first-
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the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. if you know the redskins you know they usually seek flashy big name players and trade up to get what they want. well this year, whole new philosophy. it's the first time since 1995 the skins move to get picks in every single round. they even traded down in the first round for 16th pick ryan kerrigan. >> the washington redskins select ryan kerrigan. linebacker purdue. >> actually hear my name get called and ryan kerrigan is a dream come true. >> it's not often the redskins made dreams come true this year. after a 6-10 season. so the skins used their first-round pick to rebuild an already rebuilding defense. >> any time you can slide to a guy like ryan, you would like to have another dominating pass rusher on the other side. well we think ryan gives us that ability. >> kerrigan will likely play outside linebacker opposite
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two-time pro bowler brian urakpo. it didn't take long for the blogs sphere to coin a new phrase brurakpo. >> a guy to lean on. >> but before in a kerrigan had another nickname. -- before that kerrigan had another nickname. >> he called him superman. and ryan is a little shy about it. but the guys appreciate his hard effort. >> kerrigan knows he has big shoes to fill but like it or not, he's ready toeg. >> when you think of guys like joe gibbs and sam huff, it's an honor to be a part of this organization. and i truly hope we can win here. i'm looking forward to it. >> and make no mistake. the shanahan regime wants young players and they want a lot of them. nine picks today, the skins traded up for fourth-round choice roy helu today. he was selected 105th overall and they also got some more help at safety and wide
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receiver. the draft is ongoing in the seventh round. much of the success the caps have enjoyed this season came from a new defensive style of play. sure they didn't light up the lamp for five goals every game. but they scausted teams and ended their first-round opponent in just five games. well, that wasn't the case last night. it was back and forth scoring or as coach bruce boudreau termed it river hockey. a fluke goal in the second period tied the game at two and right there scott hannan tried to clear it and his stick put the puck in the net. a fluke goal but it gave the lightning huge momentum. the caps were shut how to on five power play opportunities. and tampa's trapping style of defense rattled the caps and got them off their game. >> all goals have impact in the game. i mean, it's -- it builds the other team up when you get a goal that maybe you shouldn't have got. but i'm a firm believer that in the end, you get what you deserve. >> did a good job by being where he should be.
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>> and coach jim larranaga took his talents to the a.c.c. and today george mason replaced him with paul hewitt. former georgia tech head coach agreed to a five-year deal with a total compensation package offered to larranaga. he was fired by the yellow jackets just last month. but he coached in the 2004 national title game, lost to connecticut. and finally to some baseball. the nationals and giants are playing a matinee at nats park. we're in the seventh inning. the giants lead washington 2-1. >> what a good night to be out there. >> it's beautiful. >> i wish you didn't tell me that was going on. couldn't we be out there? thanks a lot. and we'll be
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mariah carey is a new
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mother and gave birth at an undisclosed hospital in new york. carey delivered a boy and a girl. the girl was born first weighing in at five pounds three ounces and the boy weighed five pounds six ounces and no names for the babies that we know of. carey gave birth on her third anniversary of her marriage to nick cannon. the couple will renew their wedding vows tomorrow. going to have to get herself up and dressed right? >> yes. and she's put on that c.d. "glitter." good to dance to. >> absolutely. take a look at what's going on with an extended outlook. 70 degrees for a daytime high tomorrow. monday, lower 70's and a chance for storms on tuesday. always check out the forecast updated, a whole lot more. bob ryan just posted a brand new link on global warming and the possible link to tornadoes. >> mariah's link to glitter.
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let's do it. have a great night. we'll see you back here a


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